IT Due Diligence

Enhance your technological prowess with our comprehensive package of consistent technology due diligence services. Our expert assistance ensures the refinement of your tech-related processes, the optimization of operations, and an elevation in the quality of tech services, ultimately enhancing your digital brand.

Key Components of Technology Due Diligence Process:

  • Technology:
    Architecture, data, code, products
  • Processes:
    Operations, management, release, testing
  • People:
    Roles, responsibilities, access, capabilities

Our Technology Due Diligence Services:

We specialize in auditing and improving processes for tech-native companies, aiming to streamline internal operations and elevate service quality. Explore our diverse range of tech due diligence services:
  • Overall Tech Strategy Audit:
    Conducts software due diligence, aligning your tech strategy with business goals through market research, internal documentation review, interviews, digital opportunities exploration, and competition analysis.
  • IT Processes Investigation:
    Examines IT documentation for consistency and effective communication, collaborating with staff throughout the company due diligence process.
  • IT Security Audit:
    Ensures security and quality assurance by reviewing security procedures, risk management plans, recovery algorithms, GDPR compliance, security testing processes, and data security strategies.
  • IT Infrastructure Review:
    Evaluates the state and reliability of servers, cloud solutions, and support to present conclusions on infrastructure capacity to meet long-term business needs.
  • Organizational Setup Analysis:
    Checks key roles to suggest improvements, enhance HR KPIs, promote tech and social diversity, decrease turnover, and add flexibility to organizational setups.
  • Software Development Lifecycle Audit:
    Reviews software development lifecycle stages to ensure consistency and efficiency, providing clearly developed algorithms for each step.

Our Technology Due Diligence Process:

  • Roadmap:
    Discussion of goals, challenges, and expectations to create a plan, define scope, allocate resources, and mobilize the team.
  • Internal Audit:
    In-depth exploration of internal processes using guidelines developed in the roadmap, including internal documentation review and expert interviews.
  • External Audit:
    Engagement with external stakeholders, conducting customer interviews, investigating external documentation, performing market research, and studying competition.
  • Validating Results:
    Summarization of key findings, insights, and research results presented for validation, with experts addressing questions and considering suggestions.
  • Implementation:
    Integration of audit results into tech-related processes and operations, ensuring practical value.

Benefits of Technology Due Diligence:

  • Maximize Efficiency:
    Improve tech processes, increase revenues, and optimize resource utilization for reliability and efficiency.
  • Expert Team:
    Leverage our extensive experience in software development and digital transformation to eliminate technical debt and configure cost-efficient processes.
  • High-Quality Services:
    Differentiate your business with high-quality services, forming the foundation for lasting relationships with your target audience.
  • Financial Protection:
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business's strengths and weaknesses, enabling informed decisions and preventing financial waste.